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What is a Web Developer?


A Web Developer is someone who creates and modifies websites or a piece of software, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications. If you are starting out and aspire to be a web developer you can read further information here: I want to be a Web Developer.


Web developer jobs is a broad term as there are so many different Web Developer opportunities, skills required, levels of seniority that come with a Web Developer job. Additionally a Web Developer job title is very generic and often within organisations a Web Developer role may have a different job title. Examples could include Senior Web Developer, Software Developer, Junior Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Front End Developer, Java Developer, Lead Developer and so many more.


Demand for developers is continuing to grow with the surge in mobile and internet technologies as well as our daily dependence on Digital and Technology tools.


If you are a software developer or a web developer, then you are in a fortunate position. Approximately 21% of all technology jobs are for developers and demand outstrips supply! The average salary for a developer is £45,000, or for developer contractors - the average daily rate is £450.


Salary can vary significantly and what you can expect will vary depending on which development skills you have and how much experience you hold in each skill - plus location, brand etc will also influence package on offer. The highest salaries for a Web Developer can be found in London, but demand is spread across the UK. Contracting is also very popular for contractors as it can potentially offer strong financial benefits as well as the opportunity to work in different client environments. Contractors will generally need strong experience as clients pay for knowledge rather than on the job training. View Contract Web Developer Jobs.



Web Developer qualifications will enhance your career prospects and provide opportunities in new skills. It is not a necessary requirement to have a degree to become a Web Developer. However, it is useful to have recognised qualifications specific to the industry. Experience and a portfolio are just as important. There are many different web developer courses and qualifications. Prior to searching for web developer courses check out which skills are in demand.

Web Developer skills


Skills requested in Web Developer Job adverts include (but not exclusively) the following:


  • .Net – developed by Microsoft, .net is a commonly used software framework
  • C# – Again developed by Microsoft, however c# is a multi-paradigm programming language
  • SQL – a programming language designed for data management
  • PHP - is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language
  • Java –One of the most popular programming languages in web applications
  • JavaScript – commonly used scripting language, still increasing in popularity
  • HTML – if you want to work on web sites you need to know HTML
  • CSS – cascading style sheets, often an essential skill in web development

Growing Web Developer skills


Additionally with Web Development, there are always niche skills in demand and the broader the skills – generally the greater the ability to earn. Here are some examples of growing skills:


  • Hadoop - software relating to Big Data which is a huge growth area.
  • Scala - Scala is an object oriented programming language
  • Node.JS -open source environment used to create scalable network applications.
  • Angular JS - AngularJS is a structural framework for the development of dynamic web apps.
  • IOS / Android - IOS or Android / mobile development are in high demand.
  • Python - Python is used for web programming and desktop application programming
  • Cloud - Demand is growing– including Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • Machine Learning - Focuses on the development of programs that adjust with new data
  • Javascript - This is one of the most powerful scripting languages
  • Swift - Swift is a programming language from Apple